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Accra to Takoradi

3-Day Romantic Tour

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Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel

        Kakum National Park














The park has some of Ghana's last remnants of relatively untouched forest complete with its full diversity of wildlife.


Cape Three Point

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Trip Overview

The Western and the Central Regions of Ghana have some of the most beautiful and clean beaches, the popular one is the Busua beach. 


This trip starts either from Accra- Western, Takoradi to Western, and Tarkwa to Western. All prices include travel, accommodation, food, entrance fees, guide fees.

The sites to visit are as follows:

• Kakum National Park

• Takoradi Vienna Beach

• Nzulezo (the village on Stilts)

• Cape Three Point

Seek Out The


Benefits of Travelling

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The village on stilts, Nzulezo overlooks the Lake Tadane, and is entirely made up of stilts and platforms.

Takoradi Beach

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(What to Expect)

Travel in an air-conditioned bus from pick up point to all attractions and drop-off point.

• Journey starts at 0600 hrs (flexible), your tour guide, will pick you up from your pick up point.
We will be exploring the Central and Western Regions from the inner city to the village, the Western region is on the rise due to the recent oil production there. Attracting both locals and international visitors. We will be able to show you around and for you to discover the beauty of the two regions and its green scenery.

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